Guess Draculas Secret Sepulchre Location Game            Draculas Secret Sepulchre           

The gloomy shop was suddenly illuminated by a mysterious green light. For the longest time I stood there as if in a daze, not able to tear my eyes off the delicate emerald-encrusted handle. I listened to the strange enchanting story of this masterpiece of Ottoman art and scenes of bloody battles, tender love, male friendship, betrayals, and corpses slithering out of their graves in search of revenge, unfolded before my eyes as if in a movie. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I thought I could see some strange brown spots on the blade.

Dear reader, I am certain Mehmed the Conqueror’s dagger designed to vanquish vampires has already cast a spell on you, as well. It can be yours. Yes, you can hold this masterpiece of Ottoman art in your hands and admire its magnificent emeralds. You only need to read the novel carefully and uncover the exact location of Dracula’s secret sepulchre. The solution of the puzzle is in the novel, and the key is in the voivode of Wallachia’s posthumous letter to the sultan. Be the first to guess it and win Mehmed the Conqueror’s dagger. Enjoy the story.



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